• Tests for dyscalculia look at a variety of math skills. These include skills like mental math and quantitative reasoning. Testing for dyscalculia can also shed light on issues with attention or working memory, which can also cause trouble with math.
  • Apr 13, 2015 · A gifted specialist would have understood her behavior was that of a profoundly gifted student, not a mental disorder. But she was misunderstood, left behind, totally left out, and she hated feeling so far removed from her classmates.
  • Parenting » Dilemmas, Gifted, Smart strategies » Raising a profoundly gifted child. What is it really like to parent a profoundly gifted child?
  • Books for gifted kids and teens. Ihink about what books you put on the list. Don't just ADD difficult books.
  • For many gifted and creative people, this “blessed unrest” may also help maintain the kind of chronic arousal that leads to harmful stress reactions. One of the more prominent researchers in the field, Kenneth R. Pelletier , Ph.D. (Director of the Psychosomatic Medicine Clinic in Berkeley) says that stress is a key factor in moving from a ...
  • Feb 20, 2020 · As the new home of Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY), GiftedandTalented.com is the premier online community dedicated to advanced learning for K–12 students offering online courses, expert tutors, information and advice designed to help parents and educators develop accelerated learners.
  • Gotta boast about the profoundly gifted prosthetics team of #startrekdiscovery included in this year’s #foryourconsideration Emmy lineup!! [SWIPE] Their artwork is intricate beyond comprehension yet it truly ignites the imagination. Our world’s authenticity is in great debt to this team.
  • Gross M.U.M. (2015) Characteristics of Able Gifted Highly Gifted Exceptionally Gifted and Profoundly Gifted Learners. In: Vidergor H.E., Harris C.R. (eds) Applied Practice for Educators of Gifted and Able Learners.

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The International Gifted Consortium, a Research Center for the Highly & Profoundly Gifted Students Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Johns Hopkins: Connecting Young Thinkers Around the World
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Profoundly gifted children learn rapidly and are able to process information quickly, even while simultaneously processing a second source of information or another task. They have an expansive ...
The governing body of a university school for profoundly gifted pupils may use a substantiated report of the abuse or neglect of a child, as defined in NRS 392.281, or a violation of NRS 201.540, 201.560, 392.4633 or 394.366 obtained from the Statewide Central Registry or an equivalent registry maintained by a governmental agency in another ...

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Profoundly gifted children have unique needs. Michelle Tanner shares her parenting journey about raising a high IQ child.
O'Connor's rendering of a now little-known nineteenth-century music hall dancer in Becoming Belle is thrillingly dramatic and achingly moving and profoundly resonant into this present era." --Robert Olen Butler, author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain "Becoming Belle is luscious, addictive and as satisfyingly wise as it is huge of heart.